Phone Scams

Answering calls from impostors pretending to be authorities threatening you to make payment.

How Does It Happen?

Here is how Phone Scams unfold.

Example of a scammer impersonating a delivery company staff/personnel:

1 You will receive calls from people claiming to be authorities, using a private number, or from an unknown country.

2 They may say that you have an uncollected parcel, are under investigation, or have overdue payment.

3 They will make fake threats to scare you into thinking there’s a court order or authorities have frozen your account.

4 They will then connect you with fake enforcement agencies that will pressure you to share your bank security codes or send money to a third-party account.

5 They may also trick you into approving a mobile banking transaction that you didn’t initiate.

How to Defend

Here is what you can do to protect yourself.
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