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Scams to Watch Out For

Stay informed of the latest scam tactics in Malaysia.


Phone Scams

Answering calls from impostors pretending to be authorities threatening you to make payment.


Malware Scams

Downloading a malicious software or application from an unofficial source.


Job Scams

Getting job offers that are way too good to be true.


Phishing Scams

Clicking on links that seem trustworthy but actually steal your personal information.

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5 Security Measures for Your Safety

This is how banks in Malaysia are working closely with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)
to combat financial scams together.

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Strengthening banks' fraud detection rules.

To prevent potential scam transactions and promptly notify customers for verification.

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Providing a 24/7 customer support hotline.

To ensure customers can easily contact banks to report scam incidents.

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Allowing registration for only a single mobile or secure device.

To enable genuine transactions by the account holder and stop scammers from using a different device.

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Adding verification and a cooling-off period for first-time enrolment of e-banking services.

To restrict online banking transactions for customers during this cooling-off period, so they'll have time to take action if their credentials are stolen.

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Migrating from SMS one-time passwords (OTP) to a more secure authentication method.

To stop scammers from obtaining and erasing victims' SMS/OTPs with phishing malware.

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