Love Scam

Getting tricked into a fake romantic relationship and manipulated into providing money or financial assistance.

How Does It Happen?

Here is how a Love Scam unfolds.

Example of a news headline about a love scam victim:

1 They will contact the victim via dating apps or social media platforms and try to establish a ‘romantic’ relationship.

2 They will usually use a fictional name or falsely take on the identity of a real person with a reputable working background abroad to lure victims.

3 They will declare their love quickly without even meeting the victim. They would often use affectionate words and offer gifts to gain the victim’s trust.

4 After gaining the victim’s trust, they will manipulate the victim into giving money, gifts, or even personal information.

5 The scammers will come up with reasons such as to help their business, to cover medical expenses, or to pay for their flight tickets to visit the victim, among others.

How to Defend

Here is what you can do to protect yourself.
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